Bayou Gourds is giving up their web name, all orders placed with us will require payment to be made to Tom or Zelda Hornsby. 

We would like to take a moment and welcome you to the fascinating and addicting world of GOURDS. It doesn’t matter if you are a first timer, a seasoned crafter, painter, hobbyist, back yard grower or a skilled artist, there is something about the GOURD that is spellbinding and mysterious.  If you’re not careful you to will become a GOURD HEAD or GOURDER before you know it.  We hope you like our selection of gourds and we will do our best to fill your order with what you want, not with just what we have on hand.   As our motto indicates, EXCELLENCE IS OUR STANDARD.  It is much more than just a saying to us, its the way we do business.
Contact us via phone or e-mail to place your order

Phone: (318) 445-3969

zelda@bayougourds.com   or     tom@bayougourds.com


P. O. BOX 4601
(318) 445-3969
.         Bayou Gourd Farm
"Excellence Is Our Standard"