Zelda Hornsby is a talented gourd artist. Her work has been displayed at many gourd shows and festivals throughout the United States. Besides being a gifted and versatile artist, Zelda shares her skill and knowledge by conducting classes at gourd shows and festivals. Below are a few examples of Zelda's work
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Kettle Gourd with Antler and Pine Needle Coil

12 inch kettle gourd with natural coloring and a protective satin finish. Its opening was coiled with pine needles and topped with an antler handle. This creation won Best of Show at the 2009 Melrose Plantation Arts and Crafts Festival.

Cannon Ball Gourd with Twined Reed and Seagrass

This 6 inch cannon ball gourd color is natural with a protective satin finish.   This gourd has a twined basket top with reed spokes  and multi colored seagrass.

Kettle Gourd with Triple Pine Needle Coil

The opening of this 10 inch kettle gourd was triple coiled with long leaf pine needles. It has its natural coloring and a protective satin finish.

Decorative Gourd Scarecrow

This adorable decorative scarecrow was created from a 9 inch Chinese bottle gourd and painted with acrylic paints. He has a fashionable cloth scarf and natural kettle gourd hat.

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